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Emusaves : Dexdrive Savegames


2Xtreme 2xtreme.gme All characters, all equipment Dunbar
3Xtreme 3extreme.gme All characters, all equipment Dunbar
A Bug's Life bugs_life.gme All levels, all movies Dunbar
Ace Combat 2 ace_combat2.gme All planes, all levels Dunbar
Agile Warrior agile_warrior.gme All levels open with max special weapons Dunbar
Air Combat air_combat.gme All planes Dunbar
Akuji: The Heartless akuji_the_heartless.gme All levels Dunbar
Alundra alundra.gme Start at first save with lots of stuff Dunbar
Alundra v1.1 alundra.gme Start at first save with lots of stuff Dunbar
Ape Escape ape_escape.gme All apes captured, levels completed, gadgets& mini-games Dunbar
Apocalypse apocalypse.gme Choose any of the four horsemen of the apocalypse Dunbar
Armored Core armored_core.gme All parts, all missions complete, all humans plus code Dunbar
Armored Core: Project Phantasma armored_core_phantasma.gme All features missions, weapons Dunbar
Armored Core: Project Phantasma armored_core_phantasma_b.gme Emblems Dunbar
Army Men 3D army_men3d_a.gme All Levels Available Dunbar
Army Men 3D army_men3d_b.gme Unknown Dunbar
Asteroids asteroids.gme Excalibur unlocked, classic asteroids unlocked Dunbar
Azure Dreams azuredreams.gme Begin game with over $100,000,000 and character level 60+ Dunbar
Ballistic ballistic.gme All Levels Unlocked Dunbar
Bass Rise bass_rise.gme 8 areas open, 3 black shad lures, 2 monsters caught Dunbar
Bass Rise bass_rise_a.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 battle_arena_toshinden3.gme All characters, costumes and options Dunbar
Beast Wars: Transformers beastwars.gme All boards completed, no lost robots Dunbar
Beyond The Beyond beyond.gme Save at end befoe fighting final 3 bosses Dunbar
Blasto blasto.gme All babes saved, secret hub opened Dunbar
Bloody Roar bloody_roar.gme All options available Dunbar
Bloody Roar 2 bloody_roar2.gme All hidden characters and movies, custom mode unlocked Dunbar
Bogey Dead Six bogey_dead6.gme All missions and planes unlocked Dunbar
Brave Fencer Musashi brave_fencer_musashi.gme All techniques, all saved people. Start before final boss Dunbar
Bravo Air Race bravo_air_race.gme All planes Dunbar
Breath Of Fire III breath_of_fire3.gme Three different saves Dunbar
Brigandine brigandine.gme Halfway through final battle Dunbar
Broken Helix brokenhelix.gme Level 6 elevator with all weapons and items Dunbar
Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time bugs_bunny.gme All levels, max gold carrotts, 99 lives Dunbar
Bushido Blade bushido_blade.gme Enable Katze and have all ending movies Dunbar
Bushido Blade 2 bushido_blade2.gme All characters plus hidden gun characters Dunbar
Bust A Groove bust_a_groove.gme All characters and levels Dunbar
Bust A Move 2 bustamove2.gme All time trial levels open Dunbar
Bust A Move 4 bust_a_move4.gme All secret characters Dunbar
Caesar's Palace II caesars_palace2.gme Have over $17,000,000,000.00 and access the high stakes Dunbar
Cardinal Syn cardinal_syn.gme Opens all the characters Dunbar
Carnage Heart carnage_heart.gme 19 overkill engines Dunbar
CastleVania: Symphony Of The Night castlevania.gme Various saves Dunbar
Championship Motocross ChampMotocross.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Chocobo Racing chocobo_racing_a.gme All classes and crowns Dunbar
Chocobo Racing chocobo_racing_b.gme All movies Dunbar
Chocobo Racing chocobo_racing_c.gme All music Dunbar
Chocobo Racing chocobo_racing_d.gme Start on last chapter in story mode Dunbar
Chocobo Racing chocobo_racing_e.gme All movies, music, classes and crowns Dunbar
Chocobo Racing chocobo_racing_f.gme All characters and tracks unlocked Dunbar
Circuit Breakers circuit_breakers.gme Unknown Dunbar
Clock Tower clock_tower.gme All endings viewable Dunbar
Codename: Tenka codename_tenka.gme Start with all items, weapons and ammo Dunbar
Colony Wars colony_wars.gme All missions opened Dunbar
Colony Wars: Vengeance colony_wars_vengeance.gme All ships, missions and endings open Dunbar
Command And Conquer: Retaliation c&c_retaliation.gme All levels opened with General ranking Dunbar
Contender contender.gme Hedges and Young have max experience, all moves Dunbar
CoolBoarders cool_boarders1.gme Access Snowman character Dunbar
CoolBoarders 2 cool_boarders2.gme All characters and boards Dunbar
CoolBoarders 3 coolboarders3.gme All slopes, boarders and boards Dunbar
CoolBoarders 4 cool_boarders_4.gme All countries, 7 extra boarders Dunbar
Cool Boarders 4 cool_boarders_4_a.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Courier Crisis courier_crisis.gme All levels, lots of cash Dunbar
Crash Bandicoot crashbandicoot1.gme All levels Dunbar
Crash Bandicoot 2 crashbandicoot2.gme 100 lives, all crystals and gems Dunbar
Crash Bandicoot: Warped crashbandicoot3.gme All 25 levels complete Dunbar
Crash Team Racing crash_team_racing.gme 16 trophies, 4 keys, 18 relics, 181% complete Dunbar
Crash Team Racing crash_team_racing_a.gme I have beaten the game with all the Trophies and three Relics. Dunbar
Crash Team Racing crash_team_racing_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Critical Depth critical_depth.gme Two secret characters Dunbar
Croc croc.gme All levels Dunbar
DarkStalkers 3 darkstakers3.gme DX and EX modes unlocked Dunbar
Dead Or Alive dead_or_alive.gme All outfits and characters Dunbar
Deathtrap Dungeon deathtrap_dungeon.gme All weapons Dunbar
Demolition Racer demolition_racer.GME All of the cars except one, and all of the tracks except one or two Dunbar
Destrega destrega.gme Two different saves Dunbar
Destruction Derby destruction_derby.gme Start in division 2 Dunbar
Destruction Derby 2 destruction_derby2.gme All tracks and bowls unlocked Dunbar
Devil Dice devildice.gme Puzzle mode completed Dunbar
Diablo diablo.gme Maxed out characters Dunbar
Diablo diablo_b.gme Maxed out rogue Dunbar
Diablo diablo_c.gme Lots of weapons, armor and spells Dunbar
Diablo pal_diablo.gme Very good characters Dunbar
Dino Crisis dino_crisis.gme Start game with 2 alternate costumes Dunbar
Dino Crisis dino_crisis_a.gme All costumes, all missions and Infinite grenade launcher Dunbar
Dino Crisis dino_crisis_code_save.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Disney's Hercules disney's_hercules.gme Watch all cinemas Dunbar
Dragon Ball GT dragonball_gt.gme Train your player mode Dunbar
Dragon Seeds dragon_seeds.gme Lots of stuff Dunbar
Driver driver.gme Various Dunbar
Driver driver_b.gme Various Dunbar
Driver driver_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Duke Nukem duke_nukem.gme Start with all weapons and items Dunbar
Duke Nukem: Time To Kill duke_nukem_time2kill.gme Saved at last level with lots of weapons Dunbar
Dynasty Warriors dynasty_warriors.gme All characters unlocked Dunbar
Echo Night echo_night 90% complete, all 26 souls saved Dunbar
Ehrgeiz ehrgeiz.gme All characters Dunbar
Einhander einhander.gme All hidden weapons and ships Dunbar
Elemental Gearbolt elemental_gearbolt.gme All modes unlocked Dunbar
Evil Zone evil_zone.gme All extra outfits Dunbar
Felony 11-79 felony_11-79.gme All tracks and vehicles Dunbar
FIFA '99 fifa99.gme New US Roster Dunbar
FIFA 2000 fifa_2000.gme This is an update for the settings of Fifa 2000. It has the MLS teams updated with all the starting rosters how they're supposed to be. Dunbar
Fighter Maker fighter_maker.gme Custom fighter Dunbar
Fighter Maker fighter_maker_a.gme This has to be the funniest and the coolest Super Hero you will ever see the names of the throws and attacks are self- explanitory. He is very strong and will help you beat the game very easily on the hardest level. Dunbar
Fighting Force fighting_force.gme On 8th level Dunbar
Final Fantasy V Final_Fantasy_V.gme Various FF 5 saves in various parts of the game with high stats Dunbar
Final Fantasy V final_fantasy_5_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Final Fantasy VI final_fantasy_6_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Final Fantasy VII final_fantasy7.gme 6 Saves Dunbar
Final Fantasy VII pal_final_fantasy7.gme All characters level 99 Dunbar
Final Fantasy VIII ff8.gme All guys at level 50+ at last boss Dunbar
Final Fantasy VIII ff8_a.gme "All characters level 100, all GF's except Cactaur and Eden level 100, all GF abilities learned, all ultimate weapons, and all limit breaks except Rinoa. Saved outside Ultimecia's room. Able to fight Omega Weapon. All commands unlocked." Dunbar
Final Fantasy VIII ff8_b.gme This is a save inside the Debugg room Dunbar
Final Fantasy VIII final_fantasy_8_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Final Fantasy 9 Contains saves from just about every save
point in the game with all items, weapons,
summons, gil, etc.
Final Fantasy Tactics ff_tactics.gme 2 Saves Dunbar
Fisherman's Bait fishermans_bait.gme Two extra lakes Dunbar
Formula 1 formula_1.gme Extra modes Dunbar
Frogger frogger.gme All levels, all golden frogs Dunbar
Future Cop: L.A.P.D. futurecop.gme Unknown Dunbar
G. Darius g_darius.gme Game beaten Dunbar
Gex II: Enter The Gecko gex2.gme All items Dunbar
Gex III: Deep Cover Gecko gex3.gme Various Dunbar
Ghost In The Shell ghost_in_the_shell.gme All 12 levels open Dunbar
G-Police g_police.gme 6 secret stages opened Dunbar
GranStream Saga granstrem.gme Start with max HP,MP,LP,AT,DF, all weapons, all armor Dunbar
Grand Theft Auto grand_theft_auto.gme All weapons, cities, 99 lives Dunbar
Grand Theft Auto 2 grand_theft_auto2.gme All areas open, including bonus areas Dunbar
Gran Turismo gran_turismo.gme All cars&tracks in arcade mode, all licenses in sim. Mode Dunbar
Gran Turismo gran_turismo_b.gme Sample of hybrid cars Dunbar
Gran Turismo gran_turismo_c.gme Hybrids created for every car Dunbar
Gran Turismo v1.1 gran_turismo.gme All cars&tracks in arcade mode, all licenses in sim. Mode Dunbar
Gran Turismo v1.1 gran_turismo_b.gme Sample of hybrid cars Dunbar
Gran Turismo v1.1 gran_turismo_c.gme Hybrids created for every car Dunbar
Gran Turismo 2 Granturismo2.gme Very Good Savegame Kcaj
Grand Tour Racing '98 grand_tour98.gme All tracks Dunbar
Grandia grandia.gme Grandia - This save starts you in the final area to face the final battle! Dunbar
Guilty Gear guilty_gear.gme All characters Dunbar
Heart Of Darkness heart_of_darkness.gme All the full motion animation Dunbar
Herc's Adventures hercs_adventure.gme Herc has 999 health, 999 strength and mad money Dunbar
HotShots Golf hot_shots_golf.gme All characters and courses Dunbar
Intelligent Qube intelligentcube.gme All the characters Dunbar
Jet Moto jetmoto.gme All tracks Dunbar
Jet Moto 2 jetmoto2.gme All tracks, secret player Dunbar
Jumping Flash jumping_flash.gme All levels available Dunbar
Jumping Flash 2 jumping_flash2.gme All levels available Dunbar
K-1 Revenge k1_revenge.gme Extra Characters; All Experience Points Dunbar
Kagero: Deception 2 kageroo_deception2.gme Perfect genocide on every mission Dunbar
Kartia kartia.gme All weapons and items up to chapter 10 Dunbar
Kensei: Sacred Fist kensei.gme All characters and extra mode Dunbar
Killer Loop killer_loop.gme All Ships, Tracks, and Modes Unlocked Dunbar
King's Field kings_field.gme All swords Dunbar
King's Field 2 kings_field2.gme Experience 11484, level 21 Dunbar
Klonoa klonoa.gme Custom save Dunbar
Knockout Kings knockout_kings.gme Tyson and Rocky Dunbar
Knockout Kings 2000 ko_kings_2k.gme Boxer maxed out at the Championship Match Dunbar
Legacy Of Kain legacy_kain.gme Start at final battle Dunbar
Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver legacy_of_kain_soul_reaver_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
Legend Of Legaia legend_of_legaia.gme 9 saves Dunbar
Lode Runner load_runner.gme 4 custom levels Dunbar
Lunar: Silver Star Story lunar.gme Start game at max level Dunbar
Lunar: Silver Star Story lunar_b.gme Variety of saves Dunbar
Madden NFL '99 madden99.gme All trades since 5/20/99 Dunbar
Madden 2000 madden_nfl_2000.gme All rosters as of 10/1/99 Dunbar
Marvel Super Heroes marvel_super_heros.gme Select Dr. Doom or Thanos Dunbar
Marvel vs Streetfighter marvel_vs_streetfighter.gme Game beaten with all characters Dunbar
Mass Destruction mass_destruction.gme Third level in manta mission Dunbar
MDK mdk.gme MDK finished Dunbar
Mechwarrior II mechwarrior_2.gme All missions available Dunbar
MediEvil medievil.gme Start at final battle Dunbar
MediEvil medievil_b.gme Start with magic bow, magic sword, silver shield Dunbar
MediEvil pal_medievil.gme All levels Dunbar
Medal Of Honor medal_of_honor.gme Game is 37% complete, start on Mission 3 level 2 Dunbar
Medal Of Honor medal_of_honor_a.gme Game is 99% Complete, all Cheats Enabled Dunbar
MegaMan X4 megaman_x4.gme All weapons Dunbar
MegaMan 8 megaman_8.gme First 8 stages beaten Dunbar
MegaMan Legends mega_man_legends.gme All weapons powered up Dunbar
Metal Gear Solid metal_gear_solid.gme 7 saves Dunbar
Metal Gear Solid v 1.1 metal_gear_solid.gme 7 saves Dunbar
Metal Gear VR Missions metal_gear_vr.GME Metal gear solid, the original metal gear solid vr training, the Metal gear solid VR missions save at 90% and some pics of naomi from the photo area Dunbar
Metal Gear VR Missions metal_gear_vr_a.gme Missions 100% Complete Dunbar
Metal Gear VR Missions mgs_vr_missions_codes.gme GameShark Codes Save Dunbar
MLB '99 mlb99.gme Updated rosters as of 1/22/99 Dunbar
Monkey Magic monkey_magic.gme All magics learned and all items found. Rating of monkilicious Dunbar
Monster Rancher 2 monster_rancher_2.gme This DexDrive Save is a collection of hard to find monsters for Monster Rancher 2 (playstation,US ver) All are Frozen in the Lab as newborns.This save also has Unlimited money. Dunbar
Mortal Kombat 4 mortal_kombat_4.gme All endings open Dunbar
Moto Racer 2 motoracer2.gme 2 saves Dunbar
Motor Toon Grand Prix motortoon_gp.gme All secrets available Dunbar
MTV Sports Snowboarding mtv_sports_snowboarding.gme Extra Characters, Levels And Everyone Qualified Dunbar
N2O n20.gme All 30 levels, 5th ship Dunbar
NASCAR '99 nascar99.gme All classic drivers unlocked Dunbar
NASCAR 2000 Nascar2K.gme All cars unlocked Dunbar
NBA In The Zone '99 nba_itz99.gme Updated rosters Dunbar
NBA Live '99 nba_live99.gme Updated rosters Dunbar
NBA Live '99 nba_live99_a.gme EA official updated roster Dunbar
NBA Live '99 nba_live99_b.gme Custom rosters Dunbar
NBA Live 2000 nba_live_2k.gme All the Legends Unlocked Dunbar
NCAA Football '99 ncaa_football99.gme Purdu names Dunbar
NCAA Football '99 ncaa_football99_b.gme Complete 99 K-state roster Dunbar
NCAA Football 2000 ncaa_football2000.gme InterAct team Dunbar
NCAA Football 2000 ncaa_football2000_b.gme All 12 SEC teams Dunbar
NCAA Football 2000 ncaa_football2000_c.gme All PAC-10 team rosters Dunbar
NCAA GameBreaker '99 ncaa_gamebreaker99.gme Ultimate FSU roster Dunbar
NCAA Final Four '99 ncaa_final_four_99.gme Championship game Dunbar
Nectaris Military Madness nectaris.gme Opens all levels Dunbar
Need For Speed II need_for_speed2.gme Extra car and tracks Dunbar
Need For Speed III need_for_speed3.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Need For Speed High Stakes nfs_high_stakes.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
NFL Blitz nflblitz.gme Denver Brocos Dunbar
NFL GameDay '99 gameday99.gme 4 saves Dunbar
NFL GameDay '99 pal_gameday99.gme Rosters as of 4/30/99 Dunbar
NFL Xtreme nfl_xtreme.gme Perfect team Dunbar
NHL '98 nhl_98.gme Custom Teams Dunbar
NHL '99 nhl99.gme Rosters as of 4/19/99 Dunbar
NHL 2000 nhl_2000.gme Rosters updates as of 10-25-99 Dunbar
NHL 2000 nhl_2000_a.gme Roster updated to 11-5-99 with all players created including rookies. Also an EA Blades rookie team. Dunbar
NHL 2000 nhl_200_b.gme Full updated rosters as of November 13,1999. With all the rookies and appropriate trades....(Well, the ones that matter and that are making a difference in the NHL currently). Please enjoy, alot of effort was spent. Appropriate jersey numbers were made as well. I am in the league. Can you discover who I am? If you play a full season, you will see a significant difference this player makes..... Dunbar
NHL Faceoff '99 nhl_face_off99.gme Rosters as of 2/5/99 Dunbar
Nightmare Creatures nightmare.gme All levels and special features Dunbar
Ninja ninja.gme Start at level 2 with lots of stuff Dunbar
No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing no_fear_mt_bike_racing.gme All Bike Parts Unlocked, All Characters, All Levels,+ Modes Dunbar
Nuclear Strike nuclear_strike.gme Last level Dunbar
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee abes_oddysee.gme Good ending Dunbar
Oddworld: Abe's Exodus oddworld_exxoddus.gme Variety of saves Dunbar
Ogre Battle ogre_battle.gme All hidden items Dunbar
Omega Boost omega_boost.gme All zones and levels unlocked in Zone Play mode. Dunbar
Pac Man World Pac_Man_World.GME All galleries Dunbar
Parasite Eve parasite_eve.gme All days opened Dunbar
Parappa The Rapper parappa_rapper.gme Bonus stage unlocked Dunbar
Philosoma philosoma.gme View all cinemas Dunbar
Pitfall 3D pitfall_3d.gme Last boss Dunbar
Point Blank pointblank.gme All levels available Dunbar
Pool Hustler poolhustler.gme Story and trick shot mode complete Dunbar
Pong pong.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Porsche Challenge porsche_challenge.gme All tracks and test drivers available Dunbar
Powerslave powerslave.gme All 23 team dolls, all artifacts Dunbar
Poy Poy poypoy.gme Lots of money Dunbar
Project: Horned Owl project_horned_owl.gme Extra modes Dunbar
Psychic Force psychic_force.gme Story mode completed Dunbar
Punky Skunk punky_skunk.gme Final level Dunbar
Q-Bert q_bert.gme All levels unlocked in Adventure Mode Dunbar
Rainbow 6 rainbow_6.gme All missions unlocked Dunbar
Rage Racer rage_racer.gme All cars, all classes Dunbar
Rally Cross rally_cross.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Rally Cross II rally_cross2.gme Two saves Dunbar
Rampage 2 rampage2.gme Final save point, all monsters saved Dunbar
Rat Attack rat_attack.gme Start at 4th level Dunbar
Rat Attack rat_attack_a.gme All characters and levels Dunbar
RayStorm raystorm.gme All modes and extra options Dunbar
R/C Stunt Copter rc_stunt_copter.gme All modes and ace choppers Dunbar
Ready 2 Rumble ready_2_rumble.gme All Characters Unlocked (Arcade & Championship) Dunbar
Rebel Assault II rebel_assault_2.gme All levels unlocked Dunbar
Reel Fishing reelfishing.gme All areas, licenses and records Dunbar
Reloaded reloaded.gme saved game-game ending Dunbar
Resident Evil: Director's Cut resident_evil_dc.gme 3 saves Dunbar
Resident Evil: DC Dual Shock resident_evil_dc_shock.gme Two saves Dunbar
Resident Evil II resident_evil2.gme Six saves Dunbar
Resident Evil II v 1.1 resident_evil2.gme Six saves Dunbar
Resident Evil II Dual Shock resident_evil2_dualshock.gme All characters unlocked Dunbar
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis resident_evil3_nemesis.gme At the end, new mode unlocked Dunbar
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis resident_evil3_nemesis_a.gme The game has an "A" ranking and the epilogues. This also has the "Mercenarys" sub-game. Bouteque Key w/ all 5 costumes unlocked. - Enjoy! Dunbar
Return Fire return_fire.gme All levels Dunbar
Ridge Racer Type 4 r4.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Ridge Racer Type 4 pal_ridge_racer4.gme Unknown Dunbar
Ridge Racer Type 4 ridge_racer_4_a.gme Mirror Tracks, Galaga Bonus Cars, #13 Car (13'' Racer), and Bonus #0 Car (White Angel). All in 1:20 "not too shabby!" Dunbar
Ridge Racer ridge_racer.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Ridge Racer Revolution ridge_racer_revolution.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Rising Zan rising_zan.gme Start on 2nd level with extra special ammo and missiles Dunabar
Rising Zan rising_zan_a.GME All rewards and impacts Dunbar
Rival Schools rival_schools.gme All characters and modes Dunbar
Road Rash road_rash.gme All levels Dunbar
Road Rash 3D road_rash_3d.gme Various saves Dunbar
Robo Pit robopit.gme Ranked champion with all weapons Dunbar
Rogue Trip rogue_trip.gme Two saves Dunbar
Roll Cage roll_cage Everything unlocked Dunbar
R-Type Delta r_type_delta.gme Everything unlocked including POW Armor, Stage Select, and Free Play Dunbar
Rugrats rugrats.gme All puzzle pieces found Dunbar
Rugrats Studio Tour rugrats_studio_tour.gme Have the safe unlocked. At Find Dill Stage Dunbar
Rush Down rush_down_a.gme All tracks open on Championship Level Dunbar
Rush Down rush_down_b.gme All levels open Dunbar
Rush Hour rush_hour.gme Access all levels Dunbar
SAGA Frontier saga_frontier.gme Files for all characters Dunbar
Ship Wreckers! shipwrekers.gme Level 3 Dunbar
Sim City 2000 sim_city.gme Jazzville Dunbar
Silent Hill silent_hill.gme 2 saves Dunbar
Silent Hill silent_hill_b.gme Save at all check points Dunbar
Silent Hill silent_hill_c.gme 4 game endings done Dunbar
Silverload silverload.gme 85% complete Dunbar
Sled Storm sled_storm_a.gme All characters Dunbar
Sled Storm sled_storm_b.gme All racing conditions Dunbar
Sled Storm sled_storm_c.gme All mountain tracks unlocked Dunbar
Soul Blade soulblade.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Soul Blade Greatest Hits soulblade.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Soul of the Samurai Soul_of_the_Samurai.gme Start game with all swords and items Dunbar
Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain soul_reaver.gme Four saves Dunbar
Soviet Strike soviet_strike.gme All levels unlocked Dunbar
Spawn spawn.gme Start as 3 different spawns Dunbar
Speed Racer speed_racer.gme Access all cars Dunbar
Spider spider.gme All levels open Dunbar
Spyro The Dragon spyro_the_dragon.gme 120% complete with all gems Dunbar
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage spyro_2.gme 47% Completed Dunbar
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage spyro_2_a.gme You need this save file, it contains BOTH Spyro the Dragon games for the Playstation 100% completed with ability to play around or see both endings! The hard work is done, but the fun is not complete! Dunbar
Star Fighter starfighter.gme First 3 levels complete Dunbar
Star Gladiator star_gladiator.gme All characters and modes Dunbar
Star Ocean 2 star_ocean2.gme Various saves Dunbar
Star Ocean 2 star_ocean_the_second_story_codes.gme GameShark Code Saves Dunbar
Star Wars: Masters Of The Teras Kasi starwars_teras_kasi.gme Every character Dunbar
Star Wars: Episode One TPM Star_Wars_TPM.gme Final battle between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Dunbar
Streak streak.gme 1-8 set-up Dunbar
Street Fighter Alpha street_fighter_alpha.gme All hidden characters Dunbar
Street Fighter Alpha 2 street_fighter_alpha2.gme Ken at Ryu Dunbar
Street Fighter Alpha 3 street_fighter_alpha3.gme All modes and extra options Dunbar
Street Fighter Alpha Gold street_fighter_alpha_gold.gme Play as Cammy Dunbar
Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha street_fighter_ex_a.gme All endings, characters Dunbar
Street Fighter Collection 2 street_fighter_collection2.gme Extras available Dunbar
Street Fighter Zero 3 street_fighter_alpha3.gme All modes and extra options Dunbar
Street Sk8er street_sk8er.gme All players, gates open Dunbar
Sub Zero: Mortal Kombat Mythologies mortal_kombat_subzero.gme Every Level Dunbar
Suikoden suikoden.gme Two saves Dunbar
Suikoden II suikoden_2.gme all 108 stars of destiny gathered, right before Rockaxe mission briefing. Dunbar
Super Puzzle Fighter II super_puzzle_fighter2.gme All extras Dunbar
Supercross '98 jeremy_supercross98.gme All tracks and bikes Dunbar
Supercross 2000 supercross_2000.gme Start at the last race of the season Dunbar
Syphon Filter syphon_filter.gme Two saves Dunbar
Tactics Ogre tactics_ogre.gme Various save points Dunbar
Tail Of The Sun tail_of_the_sun.gme View all endings Dunbar
Tales Of Destiny tales_of_destiny.gme Special tower finished Dunbar
Tarzan tarzan.gme Have all levels, movies Dunbar
Tekken tekken.gme All characters unlocked Dunbar
Tekken 2 tekken2.gme All characters unlocked Dunbar
Tekken 2 v 1.1 tekken2.gme All characters unlocked Dunbar
Tekken 3 tekken3.gme All characters bonus stages and modes Dunbar
Tempest X tempest_x.gme All extra modes Dunbar
Tenchu tenchu.gme Grand Master in all 3 scenarios Dunbar
Test Drive 4 test_drive_4.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Test Drive 5 test_drive5.gme All cars and tracks DUnbar
Test Drive 6 test_drive_6.gme Game saved at the very beginning (well almost). For those that would like to start out being able to buy any car they want, here is a saved "starter" that makes you feel like a multi-millionaire (over $30,000,000 in beginning credits. Dunbar
Test Drive Off Road test_drive_offroad.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Test Drive Off Road 2 tesdrive_offroad2.gme All cars and tracks Dunbar
Test Drive Off Road 3 test_drive_OR3.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Tetris Plus tetris_plus.gme All levels open Dunbar
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy thrasher_skate_and_destroy.gme I have all beaten the game on normal mode so all levels are open and all of the characters are pro skaters. Dunbar
Thrill Kill thrill_kill.gme Everything (unfinished beta version) Dunbar
Thrill Kill thrill_kill_b.gme Everything (finished beta version) Dunbar
Tobal No.1 tobal_no1.gme All hidden characters are selectable Dunbar
TOCA Championship Racing toca_racing.gme All tracks Dunbar
TOCA 2 toca_2.gme All Cars and Tracks Unlocked Dunbar
Tokyo Highway Battle tokyo_highway_battle.gme Good save Dunbar
Tomba tomba.gme Two saves Dunbar
Tomb Raider tomb_raider.gme Start at any level Dunbar
Tomb Raider v 1.1 tomb_raider.gme Start at any level Dunbar
Tomb Raider 2 tomb_raider2.gme All levels unlocked Dunbar
Tomb Raider 3 tomb_raider3.gme All levels Dunbar
Tomb Raider 3 tomb_raider_3_b.gme Access to racetrack Dunbar
Tomorrow Never Dies tomorrow_never_dies.gme all levels complete all movies veiwable on 007 skill level Dunbar
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater tony_hawk_all_unlocked.gme Unlocks everything Dunbar
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater tony_hawks_pro_skater_codes.gme GameShark Code Saves Dunbar
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Tony Hawk 2 A very good savegame Kcaj
Toy Story 2 toy_story_2.gme All Levels And Movies Unlocked Dunbar
Trap Gunner trapgunner.gme All characters and levels unlocked Dunbar
Treasures Of The Deep treasures_of_deep.gme Lots of stuff Dunbar
Triple Play 2000 triple_play_2000.gme Rosters updated as of 8/3/99 Dunbar
Twisted Metal 3 twistedmetal3.gme Everything unlocked Dunbar
Twisted Metal 4 twisted_metal_4.gme Tournament Mode, Start At Neon City With 99 Lives Dunbar
Twisted Metal 4 twisted_metal_4_a.gme Everything Unlocked Dunbar
Um Jammer Lammy um_jammer_lammy.GME All levels open and completed, sound player option available Dunbar
Unholy War unholy_war.gme Extra characters and levels Dunbar
Vigilante 8 vigilante8.gme Everything Dunbar
Vs. vs.gme Bonus characters Dunbar
Warpath Jurassic Park warpath_jurassic_park.gme Everything Unlocked Dunbar
WCW Nitro wcw_nitro.gme All the characters Dunbar
WCW/NW0 Thunder wcw_now_thunder.gme All rings and characters Dunbar
Wild 9 Wild9.gme All levels Dunbar
Wild Arms wild_arms.gme Everything done, all characters at level 50 Dunbar
WipeOut wipeout.gme Rapier mode and bonus track Dunbar
WipeOut XL wipeout_xl.gme Fastest class and ships Dunbar
WipeOut 3 wipeout_3.GME All tracks, all vehicles. Phantom class unlocked Dunbar
World Cup '98 world_cup98.gme Classic mode unlocked Dunbar
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style wu_tang.gme All characters, modes and stages unlocked. All characters have 36 chambers. Dunbar
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style wu_tang_a.gme Updated have all characters Dunbar
WWF Attitude wwf_attitude.gme All characters and cheats Dunbar
WWF Attitude wwf_attitude_codes.gme GameShark Code Saves Dunbar
WWF Smackdown!2 smackdown2.gme All characters Unlocked Ali
WWF Warzone wwf_warzone_a.gme Have all secrets Dunbar
WWF Warzone wwf_warzone_b.gme Entire WWF roster Dunbar
WWF Warzone wwf_warzone_c.gme 30 wrestlers Dunbar
WWF Warzone Version 1.1 wwf_warzone_a.gme Have all secrets Dunbar
WWF Warzone Version 1.1 wwf_warzone_b.gme Entire WWF roster Dunbar
WWF Warzone Version 1.1 wwf_warzone_c.gme 30 wrestlers Dunbar
Xena: Warrior Princess xena.gme All levels unlocked Dunbar
Xenogears xeno_gears.gme Saved before final battle Dunbar
X-men - Mutant Academy x-men.gme Everything possible to be unlocked is unlocked Coro

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