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Legal Statement


Emusaves attempts to maintain the highest amount of privacy possible. Emusaves is dedicated to your privacy and will not give your e-mail to a third without your permission. However, though Emusaves thrives to protect your perosnal information, there may be hackers our other malicious users who may attempt to steal or manipulate this data. Emusaves will do it's best to prevent this, but it may not be possible. In that case, you must agree not to hold emusaves liable for such damages.


Emusaves attempts to maintain themost virus-free enviroment possible. Emusaves does check all of its executables for viruses with the latest virus scan. Please understand that virus scanners are not capable of scanning all the viruses that exist, and therefore we may not be able to fully keep the site immune from viruses. If a virus does break loose on a file hosted on our website, we will attempt to notify all users as quickly as possible. You must agree not to hold emusaves or its members liable from damages done by a virus downloaded from our site. Save games usually cannot contain viruses, but a experienced hacker may be able to use the savegames memory to do harm to other savegames. Emusaves tests all their savegames before posting them, so this is highly unlikely.


Emusaves does make the use of cookies on some portions of their site. If you disable cookies these page(s) may not function.


Emusaves is in no way liable for any damages whatsoever inflicted by the use, direct or indirect, of this site. By using this site, you must agree to not hold emusaves or its members responsible in any way. If you do not agree with this legal statement, leave this site now.